Killam School Building Project Update

This week the project team held a community meeting, reviewed recent traffic and safety reminders, and prepared for the next community meeting on Thursday, April 11 to review the educational visioning process and plan development.  


  • On Monday April 1, the KSBC held a community meeting with our project OPM Colliers and project architect LBA. Our traffic consultants GPI were also to hand, and site development options were discussed, including robust conversation with residents. Special thanks to Lt. Chris Jones for attending and answering some questions as well.. See the meeting here:
  • The next community Meeting on the Killam School project will be held on Thursday, April 11 at 7pm at the school. LBA will share about the Educational Visioning process that they undertook in collaboration with Reading Public Schools and Killam staff and students and how the outcomes of the process have informed the initial planning of the new Killam School. LBA will also share several conceptual site plans and floor plans. The design team is looking for feedback from the community that will inform the planning of the site and interior layout of the buildings.
  • A big thank you to RPD and the DPW for all the work they’ve started doing already to improve traffic and safety around the Killam School. With the measures taken to date, we’ve already seen improvements, and expect to see even more as time goes on!
  • Wondering how you can you help?
    • Please watch out for pedestrians in crosswalks
    • Keep an eye out for kids at all times
    • Avoid U-turns during pickup and drop off
    • Try to limit parking to one side of the street
    • Avoid blocking our neighbors’ driveways
    • When parking, avoid blocking sidewalks so pedestrians can safely pass
    • Reminder not to make left turns out of the parking loop
    • Reminder of pick up and drop off times: Drop off starts at 8:15 AM and doors close at 8:25 AM and Dismissal is at 2:45 PM.
    • Do not leave your car idle
    • Please observe posted speed limits, especially on Haverhill St. where averages are nearly 40mph in the school zone.
  • The next Killam School Building Committee meeting is Monday, April 8, at 7PM at Reading Town Hall.

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